Handmade Cold Process Soap

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I have been formulating finely crafted cold process soap since 1979.  Some of my soaps have been customer favorites for decades. My handmade soaps are created with the finest oils and butters to treat you skin to a luxurious bubbly lather that will gently cleanse without stripping your skin.

I have many varieties of soaps:  some with only organic ingredients, scented and fragrance free, some with essential oils, goat's milk, and offer vegan and eco friendly options as well. I am certain you can find a soap to match your needs - if not, I am happy to offer custom formulations.  You can contact me via my selling sites or email soapsmith@hotmail.com.

  All of my products are available for purchase at www.alleghenyhearth.com, on ArtFire and I offer a limited line on Etsy under the shop name of Soapsmith. You can also find my products in many retail stores, gift shops and locally in Altoona, PA at Fiore's, 5514 6th Ave.

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