Herbal Drawer Sachets

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 I offer a full line of natural herbal sachets for your closets and drawers in a variety of scents and designs. Lavender sachets crafted with a pretty delicate cotton fabric pockets filled with my organically grown lavender buds. 

The blue hues of lavender inspire a poets voice, an artists hand and a gardeners eye. This beloved herb abounds in my garden, its sweet, spicy, herbal aroma wafting through the air. Lavender invites the honey bees to partake of its nectar and begs to be harvested. The inspiration for my sachets and dream pillows...Lady Lavender herself.

Also available is the same organic lavender buds packaged in muslin bags and upcycled silk sari fabrics.

The silk recycled sari pouches are assorted colors and styles, here is a representative sample - silks, velvets, sequin, embroidered, beaded etc.

For a nice change of pace, try my other herbal sachets.  I have fragrant rose petal, lavender and calendula blend in organza bags to showcase the pretty colorful potpourri.

 The simplicity of a pure cotton muslin bag filled with fragrant fir needles, juniper berries and bay leaves provides all the components of a time honored scented sachet that is perfect for drawers and closets.  Tuck one into your luggage or keep it in your car to gently fragrance your surroundings.

 All of the sachets are sold in a white window box suitable for gifting, perfect for that little something or hostess and housewarming gifts.

If you are a true lavender lover, be sure to check out my full line of lavender products all carefully crafted with pure essential oils and lavender buds: Soaps, cherry pit therapy wraps, sachets, lavender wands, body powders, balms, shea butters, tub teas and soaks.

All items available for purchase in my on line shops at AlleghenyHearth.com, ArtFire Studio and Etsy Shop.

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