Amber Soap Review

Hello friends,

Another lovely review from my customers. I so appreciate such positive feedback from my buyers. I owe my success to them. This made me smile - he honored my soap with a stunning soap dish created from an abalone shell! Thanks, Jim.

Greetings Bonnie,

Have I told you that I like your soaps, a lot! Especially "Ancient Amber"; for the cleaning, definitely for the scent both during and after! Then yet coolest of all is your soap artistry - it looks dynamite! Matter of fact it looks so good that I had to upgrade my soap dish!

So i took an abalone shell to lapidary school, and polished the edges and back, then I used some mineral talc and stuck on two Aquamarine feet, and whalla - look at this in use:

I hope this made your day, keep up the good work your an awesome soapsmith!


Great job, Jim, it looks wonderful and elevates my soap to a new level!

Thanks for visiting!


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