The bath escape!

Hello friends,

Put on some tunes, light the candles and let my fragrant, opulent soaps take you to a place of serenity. You deserve it...

Give the gift of a luxurious bath escape - enjoy!

I offer a lot of products to enhance your relaxing getaway 
in a luxurious tub soak.

Tub salts, Herbal Tub Teas, Milk Baths Bubble Baths, Bath Bombs
and of course, soap...

 Lavender Sea Salts

Milk Bath with Oatmeal

 Spa Therapy Tub Salts with Essential Oils & Herbs

 Himalayan Pink Salts

Bath Bombs

 Herbal Tub Tea

Dead Sea Salts & Muds

Handmade Cold Process Soap

Thanks for visiting, Bonnie

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