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Hello friends,

I recently had a review of my product that questioned the justification for the pricing. My response regarding my business standards and my pricing strategy:

 Soapsmith's Opulent Handmade Powder Puff

Dear _______________

Thank you for your feedback. I always appreciate hearing from my customers and value their opinions.

I take considered effort in sourcing my materials. I could greatly reduce the costs by purchasing my ingredients overseas but I choose to support fellow artisans and independent local suppliers. While this does raise the cost of my materials, it assures me quality control and socially responsible working conditions with a fair wage. I am able to rest in the knowledge that my materials are responsibly manufactured and meet safety, environmental and humane standards.

The final price of this item may appear high; but as a handcrafted, luxury product entirely made and sourced in the US, it is a fair and just to all of the small businesses and artisans who contributed their efforts. Your purchase not only supported my business but the handicapped artisan who crafts the ribbon rosette; the local hardware and craft stores that supply the glue, handles, bolts and protective covers; the notions from the sewing shops; the button suppliers and the family owned Virginia sheep farm and US based tanners.

There are the costs of goods to create the product as well as my skill, time and labor. Setting prices not only includes the expense involved with the creation of the puff but the time to source materials; photograph and list; the fees involved for packaging and supplies to assure your items arrive in good condition; internet selling expenses; credit card fees; taxes etc. While you feel the price is unjustified I just wanted you to be assured that I carefully price my products to be fair to me and my customers.

I genuinely hope you will enjoy your puff for many years to come. Know that your continued support of handmade is truly appreciated by me and all artists and makers.

Bonnie Bartley, Soapsmith

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