Gift Wrapping Tips

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Festively wrapped and ready for the celebration with family and friends. Even the smallest token gift deserves a jubilant decoration.

Flocked and foils, sterling spiral adornments, sparkling snowflakes...

A classic, elegant look with black and holographic foil stamping, accented with three strips of foil ribbon and glitter stars.  Add a matching gift tag and this is ready to go - nice because it can be easily stacked, too.

Flat glittery ornaments from the dollar store make great additions, they are perfect for shipping and transportation - pretty with no bows to smash.  Low price but impressive!

Velvet and Lamme florals to coordinate with elegantly printed papers,
opulent cascading curls...

Multiple layers of natural burlap, glitter netting, cellophane, 
tied with hemp cording, wood burned acorn and coordinating gift tags,
bundled into a hobo pack enhances my eco friendly gifts...

This is a versatile idea for odd shaped gifts. Just cut a bunch of squares of fabric, tissue, cello, bridal netting etc. plop down the gift, gather up the ends of the wrap and tie off. Add a ornament or fancy tag and you have a fast easy package that is attractive and the materials are easily reused. You can use burlap for rustic, lamme for upscale fancy, homespun or plaid flannel for country, glittery netting etc.Tie on springs of greenery, berries, pinecones, shiny ornaments, cording, ribbon, string, velvet roping. Lots of looks to match your present.

Sparkly Lamme and glittery add ons for the diva look,

Warm cozy flannels and rustic tie ons are sure to please.

Battenburg, eyelet, cut work lace and vintage hankies for a shabby chic touch.

To create the hobo bundle look, I like to use many layers. You can use fabric, wrapping papers, lace, burlap, plain or fancy tissue, mulberry paper, cello. A good idea is to use a scarf, tablecloth or napkins that become part of the present and serve as the gift wrap. Place you item in the center, gather as many layers as you can with ease and secure with a rubber band. If you have lots of layers with unruly materials, you can gather a few at a time.

Finish off you bundle with a festive ribbon, cording and appropriate tie on decoration. 

Upgrade a gift card with bundle wrapping using vintage handkerchiefs and pretty cording with tassels, charming!

On Christmas Eve, fresh cut holly, boxwood, pine and pepper berries

from my garden will be added as fresh additions to my packages.

One of my favorite tips is to use up all the small strips that you cut off the roll when you have a package that is smaller than the wrapping paper. Just wrap a box as you would normally do, then take a contrasting piece of scrap paper that is too small to use. Fold over the cut edges and wrap it around the box like a sash.

I attached my bow or ornamentation to the sash with hot glue. I don't tape it to the box, that way, the person receiving the gift can simply slip it off. This allows the decoration to be reused, economical and recycling, too! This one is sparkly blue and silver "Let it snow" paper, with silver foil paper sash and embellished with glittered snowflakes and ice blue and silver embossed ribbons. Even the gift tag is a silver foil snowflake.  So pretty!

Another great idea is to use the empty tubes from the wrapping paper. This is great for small items like hair bows, toy cars, calendars or posters. 

Cut your roll slightly larger than the item, cut your fabric or wrapping paper larger than the roll. Wrap it around the tube, fold over the raw edge before tucking the ends in to the tube. 

If you are gifting something like socks, roll them up, stuff them in the tube and wrap with paper, twist the ends of the paper and tie curling ribbon or add a festive touch. Cute!

Don't your giftees deserve more than a tissue filled gift bag?
I hope you are inspired to dress it up!

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By CardsbyLiBe  Wow Bonnie....can you please come and gift wrap my presents! Gorgeous!

Now Cuz, only you! I must say, a true work of art and Love! Merry Christmas to you and all your loved ones. Love you, Marlene

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