Christmas Soaps

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Spending the weekend stocking my Christmas soaps.  These make great little gifts, tuck them into a stocking, give a box of guest soaps as a welcome hostess gift, perfect for teachers, too - always appreciated.

Inspired by nature's artistry of the silent falling snowflakes blanketing the forest and field with snowy white radiance, this exquisite set of six assorted soaps is a treasure. The soap is hand cast in my artisan studio located in the beautiful Allegheny mountains of Pennsylvania.

I create the bars in pretty pearly blue hues, sparkling clear and stunning white pearl using my own blended high quality transparent soap to create each of these soaps in a wide variety of colors and shapes. My transparent glycerin soaps will fill your tub or shower with mounds of fragrant lather that will leave your skin feeling cleansed and refreshed.

Stocking Stuffer Christmas soap set consisting of 8 guest size soaps is a charming presentation when you need a little something special. You will receive 2 each in assorted colors of the Candy Cane heart soaps, Christmas tree soaps, Small snowflake soaps and Lump of Coal soaps.

Enjoy the fragrance of Santa's Pipe filled with cherry blend tobacco wafting through the air on Christmas Eve in this finely crafted handmade glycerin soap.
The sweet and rustic aroma of an alluring classic smoking pipe is captured in this holiday delight of a soap. I choose colors of deep crimson red and sienna brown mica with a slight sparkle to compliment the fragrance blend.

A customer once said "Thanks for making this soap. I always loved the scent of a man's pipe - now I don't need a man for anything!"

Peppermint essential fragrances this charming pretty soap that comes to life with sparkling micas.

What a perfect gift for all those naughty ones in your life! These guest size glycerin soaps are hand cast in a mold made from a real lumps of coal so they are very realistic. Dont just think of kids, how about grandpa, uncles, sons and daughters, too!

Wishing you and yours a holiday season filled with wondrous joy!

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