Why "soapsmith?"

Hello friends,

I have been using the term "soapsmith" for decades.  Why soapsmith?  I have been asked that many times.  Some people assume my name is Smith - no, Klisiewicz is a far cry from the simplicity of Smith.  I didn't create the word, it is used by other soap makers.  I choose it because I like the aesthetic it conveys.

Like a blacksmith, coppersmith, silversmith - 
I make soap  - so I am a "soapsmith." 

 I like that it is an old time word the conjures up the idea of a skilled craftsman that has honed his or her techniques and works to perfect their methods over time and experience.  

I find soaping an homage to the generations of soap makers who have come before me. These soapers have generously passed down their time honored craft through eons.  Each new generation takes their priceless recipes and know how and works to create modern methods to advance the art of the craft.

With 4 decades of professional soap making experience,
 I proudly claim the moniker Soapsmith.

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