Soapsmith's Christmas Cookies - Post #4

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Today, more of my Christmas Cookie recipes. You can find lots of my recipes on my other blog posts. Just click the recipes link on the right hand side of the page or here:

Anise Cookies

These are a traditional Italian - yes Italian not Polish, LOL!- I used to make these for weddings when I did wedding cookie catering.

10 tablespoons sugar
1 small bottle of Anise extract
4 eggs
4 tbl vegetable oil
1/4 cup crisco
1 tsp vanilla
4 tbl baking powder
4 cups flour

Combine like any cookie recipe, cream fats and sugar, beat in eggs until light and fluffy, add extracts, sift dry ingredients and blend in.

Form into balls or roll a thin log and make into a spiral

Bake 350 until lightly browned on the bottom - I use airbake sheets with parchment paper.

When cool you can dip them into a glaze -  2 cups powder sugar, 2 tbl soft butter, a little milk until it is a dippable consistency.   You can add a little anise or vanilla, color with food coloring, garnish with sprinkles, sugar crystals, nuts, coconut or just icing. I always leave some without the glaze for those who prefer a less sweet cookie.


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