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Summer is almost here. The mountains surrounding my home are slowly coming to life with fresh spring growth and the warm sun is most welcome. I have been spending time tending the gardens in anticipation of planting time.

Summer fruits are the highlight of the season, fresh, sweet, tangy and juicy. My line of glycerin soap calls to mind these seasonal delights.

Mango madness soap will transport you to a tropical island. Imagine relaxing in a comfortable hammock while the breezes filled with the scents of the tropical rain forest fruits of mangoes, papayas, bananas abound. My mango soap is so pretty in bright hues of pinks, oranges and yellows replicating ripe mangoes.

My little green apples glycerin soap is tart and tangy just like the apples that fell from the large tree that bordered the baseball field next to my childhood home. The tiny apples were too small and sour to eat but we kids would cut a flexible branch, poke the apples and propel them as weapons of sort. How kids entertain themselves on a hot summer afternoon!

Remember creamsicles? Hot August nights were often enjoyed on the curb with our friends savoring the tart orange treats that were perfectly complimented with sweet rich vanilla ice cream. I have captured this classic combination in my dreamsicle soap, it is just plain yummy!

Reminiscent of Grandma's kitchen, baking apples spiked with a healthy dose of cinnamon, warm and delicious - this is the aroma of home. I choose a rich sparkling crimson color for this soap the is stunning and beautiful while in use.

Wild watermelon soap is just like my favorite fruit, bright fuchsia pink with poppy seeds for accent and a sweet and crisp watermelon fragrance. Fourth of July, summer reunion picnics at the farm homestead, juicy and delicious watermelon are all recreated in my watermelon soap.

Enjoy the fruits of summer, why not try some for your shower, too!

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By Soapsmith on 08/30/2012 @ 11:40pmHello, the soaps in this particular blog are melt and pour, but I also make a lot of cold process handmade soaps. You can find them in my artfire studio. You can see all of my items by clicking the "home" button near the upper left of this page. I have them listed separately in the "handmade cold process" category. I make over 250 products. I make 25 different cold process handmade from scratch soaps. All of these are done in the traditional rectangle bar shape. The gemstone soap, flower soaps and other "fancy" shapes are all melt and pour. Thanks for your interest in my products. Bonnie

By Guest on 08/30/2012 @ 10:55pmYour soaps are beautiful; are your soaps Melt & Pour?

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