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The pinnacle of femininity, a classic opulent powder puff is a wonderful amenity for your vanity table. My handmade dusting powder puffs are inspired by the glory days of Hollywood when glamorous starlets reveled in a beauty routine that pampered the soul as well as the body.

I offer luxury dusting powder puffs in a variety of styles and materials. These exquisite puffs are constructed from pure natural Merino wool. The applicators are heirloom quality and will last for years. When needed, these puffs can be gently hand laundered in cold water with a product like Woolite, allowed to air dry and combed or brushed back to the original lush fullness and fluff.

The sheepskin comes from the Merino breed that was developed in the 1600's and are prized for their long lush fibers which are the whitest and softest of all natural fibers. Merino is much finer than other wools with fibers that are only 20 microns, the human hair is 100 microns in diameter. This fineness means that Merino wool is very flexible and soft.

The wool puffs are very large measuring between 8 and 10 inches when fully extended depending on the length of the individual fleece. The longer fleeces usually create a flatter, wider puff while the shorter fleeces result in a thicker puff that is not a wide. Some of my puffs are a more standard 6 inch size. Please refer to each item listing for the sizes.

Each puff is adorned with a white satin ribbon rosette and a handle is added for convenience of use. The handles are carefully attached with ribbon or hardware. Cap covers are used to protect your skin from any contact with a rough bolt head.

My puffs come in a white window gift box suitable for gifting.

I also offer puffs created with acrylic shaggy fur for those who prefer a vegan version. These puffs are very large, approximately 8 to 10 inches in diameter. The acrylic fur puffs are two pieces sewn together and stuffed with fiber fill resulting in a much thicker puff. While these puffs do not have the soft delicate feel of the sheepskin puffs as the acrylic is coarser, they still provide a nice sensual treat.

By popular request, I now offer a long handled powder puff. These puffs are the same size and quality as my extra large puffs. Instead of the satin ribbon rosette with decorative handle, these long handle dusting powder puffs have an eco friendly, simple, elegant bamboo handle.

I recommend my handmade, custom formulated dusting powder for use with your powder puff. My powders come in unscented fragrance free or lightly scented with pure lavender and chamomile essential oils. The pure natural ingredients are carefully chosen to provide a silky feel; they are: arrowroot powder, modified cornstarch, vit. E, aloe vera and essential oils.

I also offer glass powder shakers which are reproductions of depression pressed glass in deep cobalt blue, pretty pink and clear.

You can also use a crystal bowl filled with your favorite glitter or powder. I offer vanity jars filled with my powders which are available separately for sale in my on line studio

I hope you will treat yourself to the silky smooth delight of a fine quality dusting powder gliding along your skin with a magnificent handcrafted powder puff. They make marvelous gifts, too!

You can find my puffs and powders for sale in my ArtFire studio. Simply click on the links in this blog post or use the "home" button in the upper left of this blog page.

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By Soapsmith on 04/15/2014 @ 04:25pmThere are various prices on the powder puffs as they come in sizes and handle variations. They range from $23.00 to $32.00. You can see the pricing and place orders by clicking the home button, some of the pictures are clickable as well. You can also search for, that will take you to the same place as the home button or clicking the pictures. I offer 250 products for sale, the powders, shakers and puffs are all together in the "Powders, luxury puffs and shakers" category. Thanks, Bonnie

By Guest on 04/15/2014 @ 02:24pmHow much are the powder puffs?

By Guest on 12/07/2012 @ 02:08amHi Bonnie- i'm wondering if i can get on the list as soon as possible. I would love to gift one of these to my 94 year old grandma! I understand you're busy with Christmas, but how do i get on the list? Thanks much!!

By Soapsmith on 10/17/2012 @ 02:55amHi, Thanks for your interest in my products. I have a wide selection of the puffs, shakers, dishes and powders listed in my ArtFire Studio. You can see them all by clicking any of the links in the blog post or you can click on the "home" tab near the top of the page just below my Allegheny Hearth name, or click the Soapsmith on my avatar. Once you get to the main page, look to the right, you will see the link for powder puffs which has them all in one place so you can compare them. They vary in price depending on the size, container, materials etc. Powder refills start at $8.95 up to $32.00 for the glass dishes with puffs. Thanks, Bonnie Bartley, Soapsmith

By Guest on 10/17/2012 @ 02:18amHow much are the puffs?

By Soapsmith on 08/06/2012 @ 04:48pmHi, you can click on the pictures, some of them take you to my on line shop. You can also click on the "home" button near the upper left, that will take you there as well. The studio is All of these items are for sale there as well as 250 other products for bath and body. Thanks for your interest and support of handmade!

By Guest on 08/06/2012 @ 03:37pmHow do I purchase one of your powder puffs or dusting powder?

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