Snow Dogs

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Snow, Snow & more snow. We had 24 plus inches this past Saturday, 8 more inches today and it is still snowing. We are expecting 30 MPH winds to help blow the lane shut. My son plowed the road at 4 AM and when I went to work at 7:30 the drifts were as high as the top of the fender on my car. Even with 4 wheel drive, I had trouble making the hill.

Snow on the front deck, close to the house, even deeper further out.

At least the dogs love it. I can't keep them inside.This is Cocoa, Dale and Cammie enjoying the summer sun on the patio.

Cocoa is ours, Dale and Cammie belong to my oldest son. He is in the midst of a move to Alabama so they are staying with me for a while.

Cocoa looking out the front door, I couldn't open it because of the snow. That is the patio table in the corner, the snow is all the way up to table height:

This photo is Dale and Cammie attempting a morning potty break, not easy going:

Here they are in the same spot in the side yard in the summer:

Dale is so big and strong, he uses his chest like a snow plow and makes paths through the snow:

Cocoa and Cammie love the snow, too, but over 2 feet is a bit much, they just follow Dale's pathways. Nothing has been shoveled, these were "plowed" by the pups. The yard looks like a corn maze:

This picture was taken out the living room bay window,
looking down on the steps
from the upper deck, path cleared by Dale, no shovel needed:

Dale at the top of the steps, Cammie still wants to play frisbee!

My other two sons both plow roads. One works for Pendot and the other plows shopping center parking lots as his second job. They are putting in very long hours and it looks like it will continue for a while. Their work boots don't even have a chance to dry before they are called out again. Gotta love Pennsylvania winters!

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