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For those who prefer a liquid gel shower soap, I now offer a line of body washes. I have chosen my top selling customer favorites for the fragrances. If you would like another scent, let me know. I am happy to create custom orders, at no extra charge, in the scent of your choice from my extensive product line.

Always a classic, pure lavender that calls to mind the spicy herbal aroma that emanates from my herb garden when the lavender is in full bloom - offered in a pretty shade of lavender purple.

A customer favorite, blackberry sage. Sun ripened sweet juicy blackberries that line the edges of the forest tempered with the distinctive green herbal notes of garden sage - so bright and fresh.

When I water my gardens, I love to break of a sprig of lemon verbena or lemon balm, rub the leaves between my fingers to release the enticing fragrance. The essential oils are strong and fragrant, thus my inspiration for this scent. The sharp citrus is rounded with the herbal verbena and sweetened with warm vanilla.

The scent of a celestial sea, deep blue is the perfect color palette for this brisk, intriguing scent. The water ozone is layered with crisp notes of violet and jasmine and a touch of orange creating a fragrance that is appealing to both men and women.

As a child I remember the month of May for the fragrant spring florals - the Victorian heirloom lilacs, pretty fresh tulips and my favorite the tender, pristine lily of the valley peeking out of shady corners among the tall trees- thus the muse for this glorious crystal clear shower gel. Muguet...

The huge green apple tree that grew at the end of the baseball field next to my childhood home was the inspiration for this crisp apple fragrance. The apples were too tiny and tart to be eaten, but they smelled so fresh and green...and they made great weapons for the neighborhood kids!

These pretty gel soaps are specially formulated with fine quality ingredients chosen for their properties. Aloe vera, sweet almond, a nice variety of vitamins combine to provide an opulent fluffy lather that will gently cleanse your skin without stripping it of the beneficial oils.

Enjoy an invigorating aroma filled start to each morning with Soapsmith's own shower gels!

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