Lavender Dream Pillow

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This charming little poem was found in an ancient Scottish Traveler's Inn. I like to place a beautifully printed copy on the pillow when guests come to visit my home:

The herbal aroma therapy fragrance of lavender is renowned for its relaxing properties. Allow this delightful scent to lull you and your guests to dreamland with a pure lavender sleep pillow. 

The simplicty of a pure cotton fabric square filled with organic lavender buds provides all the components of a time honored natural sleep aid. The dream pillows available for sale in my Artfire Studio are stuffed with organically grown lavender buds harvested from my herb garden in mid June.

Store your lavender pillow under your regular bed pillow during the day so the bed linens absorb the aroma of the herbs. At night, flip the pillow to release the fragrance as your head hits the pillow. RELAX!

If you are a true lavender lover, be sure to check out my full line of lavender products all carefully crafted with pure essential oils and lavender buds: Soaps,cherry pit therapy wraps,sachets, lavender wands, body powders, balms, shea butters, tub teas and soaks.

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