Promise of Spring Garden

Hello friends,

Today's post will feature the promise of spring in my budding garden. It is so thrilling to watch the early beauties forcing their way through the once snow covered ground. So fresh, so lovely.

I want to share my garden with you!

Heirloom lilacs permeate the air with their enticing bouquet. When I open the bay windows to the great room, their fragrance fills the house with delight.

The spring flowering bulbs and perennials are always a welcome harbinger of the coming season. Daffodils, my grandmother's favorite pansies, bleeding heart and naturalized violets.

Grape hyacinth, crocus and daffodils greet visitors at the garden entrance, along with a newly budding purple maple and forsythia.

This magnificent pink flowering crab apple tree graces my son's gentlemen's farm along with a rustic barn and pump

Blooming spirea and creeping phlox

Oh the many shades of green, primavera! Blue hosta, blue juniper, trumpet vine, Mary's pin cushion, lavender volunteer, fresh boxwood sprigs, euonymous, spicy thyme, mugho pine in candle:

The majestic rhododendron waits its turn at the dance:

Thanks for visiting, wishing you a sun filled spring!

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