Talc Free Body Powder

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As a cooling relief from the summer heat and humidity, experience my own formulated pure natural dusting powders.

These carefully chosen ingredients combine to offer a silky smooth comfort treat.

My body powders are made with only natural, talc free components. Modified cornstarch, arrowroot powder, aloe vera extract, and Vit E. are the ingredients for my fragrance free version. Pure essential oils of lavender and chamomile are added to the scented variety. I choose a blend of lavenders to provide a lightly scented herbal delight.

First, I combine the dry ingredients and add the aloe vera extract and vit E to a small amount. This assures proper distribution and minimizes any clumping.

The mixture is allowed to absorb overnight before combining with the master recipe. The material is sifted two times to fully disperse the additives.

The unscented dusting powder is ready to package. Another portion is set aside ready for the addition of the pure lavender and chamomile essential oils along with fresh organically grown lavender buds from my garden.

After another day of infusion, the fragranced powder is sifted and added to the remaining batch. Two more rounds through the strainer assures the luxuriously smooth finished product.

Allegheny Hearth pure natural body powders are available for purchase in my on line store at www.alleghenyhearth.com. I offer both the Lavender Chamomile Dusting Powder and the Unscented Powders in an assortment of classic depression glass reproduction shakers and dishes with powder puffs. Economical refills are always in stock.

 Also available is my Peppermint Wow Anti-chafing performance powder. All natural ingredients of Arrowroot and Cornstarch along with absorbent clay and essential oils of menthol, peppermint, eucalyptus and orange.


All items available for purchase at AlleghenyHearth.com

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