Sacred Amber

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Today I present my line of Sacred Amber and Infused Oils.

Amber is the king of scents. Dark, deep and mysterious fragrance. Amber resin is formulated with natural essential oils, waxes and powders. Sandalwood, Patchouli, Ylang-ylang, Vetiver, Lavender, stryax tree resin and beeswax.  The pure natural powders, oils, waxes and resins are blended carrying the combination determined by the artisan.

 Sacred Amber Oil

Amber resin was developed in ancient times by a physician as a mood enhancing formula. It is renowned as a spiritual aid in meditation and elevation. Irresistible fragrance enjoyed as a natural body fragrance, sachet, dream pillows etc. 

This fragrance is enticing and very strong. You can use it by gently applying the resin to pulse points, open the vessel and allow the aroma to fragrance your room, infuse it in oil etc. Just a little gives you fragrance that will last the entire day.

I offer my blended Amber as resin nuggets in charming little soapstone vessels or in infused oils.  I infuse the amber resin in pure organic jojoba oil and present the precious oil in one of a kind artisan glass perfume bottles.  

Try a little amber resin and revel in the heady natural aroma - 
an ancient ritual scent that fills the senses and enhances relaxation!

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