Beeswax Belsnickles, Nativities, Father Christmas

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  Today I want to share my beeswax ornies and belsnickles. 

  The age old craft of casting wax into holiday treasures has been handed down through the generations. German chocolatiers and bakers took great pride in their beautiful molds. They wanted to display their chocolate in the windows to attract customers but the heat melted the chocolate so they cast them in beeswax which has a high melt point. 

  Over the years, they created beeswax ornaments using their intricate hand carved chocolate and cookie molds. Beautiful examples 300 years old, can be found in museums in throughout Europe. Beeswax figures dating over 3000 years have been found in Egypt. The beeswax still carries the honey fragrance and remains pliable.

  Your Allegheny Hearth handmade beeswax ornament should last a lifetime. The beeswax often develops a "bloom" a whitish dusting, this is a natural process. Some enjoy the rustic bloom and leave it develop or you can remove it with gentle buffing, light application of heat from a blow dryer or wash it away - just be careful, not too hot or you will melt the detail.

Exquisite presentations of Father Christmas and holiday images captured in pure natural beeswax. These intricately detailed figures will grace your holiday decor with charm and a delightful light honey kissed scent that emanates from the natural bees wax, no fragrance added.

Traditional German Style Belsnickle Santa

The Belsnickle is an old tradition of a stern Santa who delivered coal and switches to all the naughty children, thus the muse for these pieces.  An old world custom is to rub the belsnickle with dark spices like clove, allspice and cinnamon. This creates a dark black belsnickle and adds another fragrance profile to the honey scent.

Pere Noel

Utilizing pure golden beeswax direct from local Amish bee keepers, these hand cast ornament are reminiscent of beautiful European antique chocolate molds. Inspired by the work of the bee. A bee visits 10 flowers to gather a drop of nectar. It takes 10 drops of nectar to yield a drop of honey and 10 drops of honey for every drop of wax. The bee gathers nectar from 1000 flowers to produce just one drop of this precious beeswax

Exquisite Nativity Scene Beeswax Springerle

 Magnificent natural beeswax manger scene is hand cast in a reproduction old world German Springerle cookie mold.  The naturally fragrant Amish beeswax varies in shades of light golden tan to a deep rich brown depending on the wax of the bee.  

 This beautifully detailed  rendering of the sacred Nativity features St. Joseph, Mary, the Child Jesus, the Magi, shepherd, cherubs and sheep and comes with a wire easel stand for ease of display.

The true spirit of Christmas is captured and recreated in warm, fragrant pure beeswax. A lovely adornment to grace your mantel or entice visitors to a quiet little corner table. 

Beeswax ornies make charming, unique gifts when you want to present a little something that will impress everyone. Great idea for grandparents, teachers, choir directors, pastors, cherished friends and family.

I offer a  full selection of Old World beeswax Belsnickles, Father Christmas, Pere Noel figurines and more, all cast with locally harvested beeswax from the Amish farms of the Cove area of Central Pennsylvania.


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