Vintage Porcelain Powder Jars by Soapsmith

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I carry a full line of beautiful powder dish sets in a variety of styles to fit any lifestyle from art glass bowls, new lidded styles, wood bowls and vintage powder boxes.  Today's post features my newly added porcelain vanity jars.  

 My own formulated silky dusting powders and handmade luxury powder puffs are presented in assorted vintage hand painted porcelain vanity jars.  These will be an elegant addition to your boudoir. This silky blend glides over your body for a soothing, gentle treat. The classic velour style powder puff or opulent Merino body powder puffs are included and are the perfect applicators for a touch of glamour recalling the charm of by gone days. 

Please note, these powder dishes are true vintage pieces. I search the markets, estate sales and shops and pass my finds along to you. All of them are used and may show minor wear from decades of loving use. I don't purchase any vintage dishes that are damaged. You may notice slight "wear" of the delicate touches that occurs with normal use. I am not an expert in vintage glassware but I have been told by those who are that most of these dishes are reproduction pieces from the 1930's to 1960's or so. Some have markings on the bottom, some don't. I clean them carefully before packing and make sure there are no major flaws. I usually only have one of each style/color as shown. There are no cracks, chips or damage that would affect the use. The most common wear is on the "gold" accents, they tend to wear away easily but the classic beauty and function of these dishes are in tact.

The talc free dusting powder is made with all natural ingredients of arrowroot and cornstarch. The addition of lavender and chamomile pure essential oils provides a delicate fragrance that is suitable for daily use. I offer both the lavender chamomile and fragrance free versions of my handmade body powder so you can choose your preference.

Indulge in a classic, Soapsmith's finest bath and body powder presented in these lovely vintage hand painted porcelain powder dishes. Visit my studio for other versions and styles of vanity powder jars as well as a nice assortment of glass powder shakers.

My hand crafted body powders, puffs and dishes make a wonderful presentation for the special person on your gift list. Of course, you can treat your self to this ultimate indulgence, the pinnacle of femininity, you deserve it!

Visit my studio for a nice assortment of powder dishes,  glass powder shakers, ceramic and glass powder jars, powder refills and handled powder puffs.

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