Peanutbutter Cookies 3 ways - Soapsmith's Christmas Cookies Post #5

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Today I share my 5th post with recipes and information about my Christmas Cookies - Peanut Butter Cookies Three Ways.  Additional recipes can be found here:

This is my recipe for peanut butter cookies 3 ways.  This is a large batch recipe that I make and divide to make about 3 dozen each of traditional cross hatch peanut butter cookies, blossom with chocolate star or kisses, and tiny tims that include a Reese Peanut butter Cup.  This is a very simple basic recipe with the added bonus of quickly creating a nice variety for your cookie trays. They freeze and ship well, too.

Here is the recipe for full batch and half size batch:

Note, if you dough is too soft to easily handle you might want to chill it for 30 minutes or so before forming the cookies.  Allow to cookies to complete cool before packing them away - be sure the chocolate back to room temp/hard so the stars/kisses and cups maintain their shape.

Bake some cookies & enjoy!

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