Long Handled Powder Puffs

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I have recently added a new product. I developed my long handled luxury puff at the request of my customers. A number of people contacted me in search of a quality powder puff with a long handle for ease of use. These requests came from folks with special needs who wanted an accessible powder puff that would allow them to reach easier - elderly, arthritis sufferers and stroke patients. 

It took me a while to find something that would work well. I now offer my extra large powder applicator puffs with elegant stainless steel or eco friendly bamboo handles. This classic design shines in its simplicity and practicality.

This puff is so opulent and full sized at 9 to 10 inches across. With the handle, the entire applicator measures about 15 inches. This lush natural sheepskin puff will grace the finest bath with elegance. Unlike synthetic fiber powder puffs, merino wool powder applicators are heirloom quality. If needed, you can hand launder with cool water and gentle soap, simply comb or brush to bring back the fluffy texture. Due to natural variations, each puff is unique and will vary in length of the nap depending on the characteristics of that particular piece of fleece. 

I have been making handcrafted body powder for many years. After seeing a number of internet searches for powder puffs to my on line studio, I spent some time creating my line of finely crafted sheepskin puffs. They have been very popular, especially for people looking for a truly lovely gift or special treat for themselves. My puffs have been featured on stage as props for several productions in New York, Washington, Boston and San Francisco - how fun is that!

These puffs come in a variety of handles suited to many design aesthetics as well as masculine and feminine tastes. The long and lush natural merino wool fibers are so soft and inviting. These puffs offer an elegant touch to any boudoir vanity table. I also offer a variety of powder dishes and shakers.

Another new addition is this cobalt sapphire blue faceted crystal handle. The photos don't do this justice, it sparkles and shines in magnificent contrast to the billowy white wool. It is stunning. This handle is also available in clear.

You can find my handmade all natural dusting body powder, upscale powder puffs and powder shakers available for purchase in my on line studio by clicking the photos or this link:

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