Rhododendrons in Splendor

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The rhododendrons are stealing the spotlight this week in my garden. The lilacs and spring flowering bulbs are spent, the azaleas are waning, but Miss Rhody takes center stage.

Pink, purple and white - each a striking beauty!

The wild phlox are in bloom along the Juniata River, Hollidaysburg, Pa.
I remember fishing with my Dad as these graced the banks of his favorite fishing holes. We would pick the flowers to bring home to my Mom. If you pick off the blossoms and sip on the end you get a sweet little treat.

Barn hitch hooks along the side pond at White Bridge Road Farm

Do you like butter? That was the question my Mom would ask as she
placed a buttercup under our chin. If it reflected yellow, you liked butter. Wild buttercups abound in the front acreage at Tom's gentlemen's farm on
White Bridge Road.

The back pond is a turtle haven, the tadpoles are abundant this year.



As she dons her glorious gown for the dance, the rhododendron shines!

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